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Working with couples

Working with Couples

Is something troubling you about your relationship or are you facing challenges as a couple? If your goal is to repair and improve your relationship I encourage you to act as soon as possible. The longer relational issues remain unaddressed, the less likely that relationships survive. Even if something doesn't seem serious enough, resentment can set in and over time drive a wedge between you. I value working with couples because I deeply admire the courage and commitment it takes to come to counseling together and invest yourselves in healing and improving the most significant relationship in your life.

Couples Therapy for Couples

Together we will identify your goals and measures of success and begin a process of uncovering and understanding relational patterns, family of origin and cultural influences on behavior, maladaptive habits and communication challenges. Frequently our work will include homework assignments to gain real-world results. Contact me now about a free initial consultation.

Couples therapy for one

Couples Therapy for One

Are you struggling with issues in your relationship but your spouse or partner is resistant to doing couples therapy? First, let me encourage you to share this website with your significant other so they might get a sense of what counseling would be like. Second, it may be helpful to let them know that I offer a free initial couples consultation. Getting a feel for the space and how we might all work together often provides reluctant partners assurance that this can be a safe and non-judgmental process focused on their needs as well as your own. If your significant other is still resistant to therapy, do not despair. While it is optimal to have both of you here, it is possible to work on your relationship independently. Since couples work often involves examining our own patterns and learning new skills for relating and communicating, it’s possible to make improvements by doing the work for yourself. We’ll work to identify your needs and goals and understand the paths to effect changes. Even small changes in your own behavior may have a positive effect on your most important relationship. Contact me now so we can begin this critical work together.

Common Issues We Can Work On Together In Couples Therapy Include:

  • Improving intimacy
  • De-escalation of conflicts
  • Developing and improving communication skills
  • Parenting issues
  • Coping with grief or significant life transitions such as empty-nest or job loss
  • Managing financial issues
  • Creating true partnership in your relationship