Mark J Moller, MA, LPC

Intrinsicum Potentia Counseling – Tap into your intrinsic strength for healing, growth and change.

About My Approach

My style is
marked by
warmth, empathy,
candor and
a bit of humor.

I believe you possess a powerful innate source of strength and resilience which enables you to grow beyond where you are today, heal relationships and change the quality and path of your life. I work with individuals who are bright, motivated people facing challenges with stress, anxiety, depression or dissatisfaction in their relationships. I also work with couples who recognize their relationship deserves more time and attention and who are motivated to seek change.

My area of focus is working with men and men's issues. Men are often hesitant about counseling but my knowledge and easy-going style enable clients to become comfortable with the therapeutic process. I use an integrative therapy approach which draws from multiple paradigms to customize the process to your unique needs and goals.

My primary concern is that you find the right therapist in order to move forward in your life and achieve your goals.

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